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Rolling Stones
Proceso de pegado de capas
Art experience 2016


The artworks are not painted nor drawn, they are all made with pieces of tulle
- a very fine net fabric. I created this technique based on my studies on graphic design
and fashion design.

The process is born in a photograph that I use as a basis for cutting the tulle. First, I
study the lights and shadows of the picture to know how to cut the tulle. 

The shadows are created by overlaying multiple pieces of tulle, varying the amount
thereof depending on how dark an area needs to be.

The pictures that I make with this method cause such an effect that is confusing to
figure out what material the piece is made of. One has to get closer to it and then it
becomes clear. What I seek with my work is to arouse curiosity on the viewer, that
feeling that invites them to get closer to the piece.

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